Airtight Food Container w/ Compartment - Set of 2

Airtight Food Container w/ Compartment - Set of 2


Have you ever experienced these problems before? Too many cereal boxes in the fridge, you can't throw it because of it is your kids favorite. Tear the opening of pasta bag too big and end up the rest of pasta getting soggy. Trying to pull some beans from the bag and end up with spilling all over the kitchen! If you still have those problems, you absolutely need this airtight food container.

With its four compartments, you can easily store 4 different kinds of beans or nuts at the same time. And just simply rotate the 360 degrees rotating lid to take out any portion that you need. You can also remove the compartment and just use it for bigger size food storage up to 2 liters.

Safely store away your food without worrying about ants, moth or other insects. Best storage for beans, nuts and pasta. not recommended for smaller grains such as rice, sesames and powders.

Material: Food grade PP

Capacity: 2L / 500ml for each compartment

Processing within 8 business days.

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