Ceramic Plate with Built In Sauce Dish

Ceramic Plate with Built In Sauce Dish

from 18.99

This amazing design saves space on any table with its large plate and sauce dish. Style A and B main trademark is the sauce dish can hold dips, sauces, and dressings to help eliminating the need for more dishes and an easier clean up.

Different than style A and B, Style C is specifically designed for steamed food. This plate comes with a divider that keeps the steamed food away from accumulated water.

Showcase your next event with this professional dip serving plate. Perfect for casual or upscale indoor or outdoor entertaining, such as parties, barbecues, family functions, birthdays, weddings and holidays. Adorn Chips and Dip bowl/ Salad Bowl is perfect for any chip or dip among your preference and can also display salads, vegetables, fruits, appetizers, and more.

Material: Ceramic

*Dishwasher safe. Microwavable. Do not use it in oven or stove top.

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