Bunny Clock LED Night Light

Bunny Clock LED Night Light

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Bunny Clock LED Night Light

Snooze Mode: 6 group chords available for alarm clock set. When the alarm sounds, gently shake to activate snooze mode. The alarm will sound again after five minutes. On/off toggle switch found in the back can turn alarm off.

Smart Luminous Function: at night or in a low-light situation, the alarm night-light function will be activated by making a sound louder than 56 decibels by clapping hands or a knock on the table.

It is very convenient for mothers who get up at night for regularly feeding, soothing lights offers baby a comfortable environment

Easy-to-place: this clock can be placed at table,stand, lie flat or hang on the wall. It can be directly attached to the refrigerator or other ironware, you also can adsorb it to any wall through gluing the metal sheet on the wall, its outstanding appearance make it fantastic wall decorations

Long standby time: no “wire” limit, using 2000 mA large capacity lithium battery, long standby time. Using a USB interface, external power supply DC5V

Clock size:5 x 2 x 8.4 inches

Color options: Baby blue/ pink

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