Sensor Bird LED Light

Sensor Bird LED Light


On the back of the light base, there is a strong and non-trace sticker that makes it easy to move around without leaving a trace on the wall. The special design of magnetic absorbing between the light and the base makes it easy to charge and place. In only 30min, the light can be fully charged and can be moved around to anywhere anytime.

This product will make your life easier with its thermal infrared detection, light and touch sensor technology. It turns off automatically to save the energy when there is light or during the day, and it also turns off in 20sec after you leave.

The speed of activating the light is fast when you get close. When you need the light to last longer, you can touch the bottom of the bird, and you can use the same method to turn it off.

The appearance of the light is a bird that could give you the feeling of peace and cozy while you are walking at your home. When the light is activated, it not only lights up the darkness, but warms you up from the heart.

The material is safe, non-toxic and shatter proof.

Made with ABS, PC and Silicon.

Input: 5V-1A

Output: 5V-0.5A

Power: 0.25w

Lumen: 12Lm

Color Temperature: 3000K—35000K

Size: 3.5” x 1.6” x 3.7”

Processing within 8 business days.

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