PIDAN Tofu Cat Litter - Original

PIDAN Tofu Cat Litter - Original


100% Natural: plant-based clumping cat litter made by Okara (tofu dregs). Biodegradable - an environmental-friendly product.

Effective Odor Control: 2X more absorbent than clay by volume for most effective odor control. The litter locks urine odors naturally with no chemicals or artificial additives.

Flushable cat litter: easy to use. (Let clumps soak and dissolve before flushing if you have a big kitty).

Dust-free: 99.9% dust-free, good for dust allergic family. Bigger long granules helps in litter tracking.

Vacuum packed and free zip storage bag included: keep litter fresh and works at best performance.

Weight: 7L / 3.5KG

ATTENTION: This product is only available to ship to certain West Coast States like California, Nevada, Washington, and Oregon.

Processing within 14 business days.

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