Vintage Style MacBook Sleeve Bag

Vintage Style MacBook Sleeve Bag


Thinking your black computer bag is boring? Why not add some Red-white-blue bag prints to your everyday laptop case.

Envelope design of the case enables you to carry your laptop / tablet in a uniquely sleek style. Features water-resistant PU leather exterior and fluffy fabric lining for bump and shock absorption and protection of your computer from accidental scratches.

Magnetic snap closure automatically locks your MacBook in and prevents it from slipping out, providing convenient access to your laptop.

Slim and lightweight; does not bulk your laptop up and can easily slide into your briefcase, backpack, or other bags.

Each sleeve bag comes with a small power cord pouch.

Compatible with:

11.6” MacBook Air, Model A1370 / A1465

12.4" MacBook, Model A1534

13.3” MacBook Air/Pro, Model A1369 / A1466 / A1425 / A1502

13.3” NEW MacBook Pro, Model A1706 / A1708 / A1989

15.4” MacBook Pro, Model A1398 / A1707 / A1909

*You can find your MacBook model number that located on the underside of the laptop starting with capital A, e.g. A1502

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