Marimo Aquarium Kit

Marimo Aquarium Kit


This cute DIY Marimo aquarium is ideal for adding freshness and green to small living spaces and fit for your office tabletop decoration.

Low maintenance: only need normal-to-low household lighting plus the LED light support. Change the water every one or two weeks; rinse add-ons before putting them into the Marimo aquarium. If your Marimo turn brown, move them to a cooler place with less direct light, and take them out and squeeze them under tap water to wash out dirt so that they may recover and turn green again on their own.

What’s include:

1 Acrylic Tank (Choice of CLEAR/WHITE/RED/BLACK)

1 LED Light

1 Bag Of Aquarium Gravel

1 Conch, 2 Shells, 1 Starfish

1 Seaweed

1 Glass ball

1-2 Resin Props. (Randomly)

Processing within 8 business days.

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